About us

Poslab Technology Corporation was founded in 2005. As a dedicated EPOS System manufacturer, Poslab is proud to offer not only Traditional Windows and Windows Embedded options but also the X-86 and ARM hardware solution with Android and WinCE software platform. LINUX compatibility is available on certain models too. 

In 2009, Poslab has launched Wavepos50 and Wavepos80 series which received high praise at the time. Then in 2011 we have announced the first ANDROID POS solution in the world. This year, 2013, we have also launched our first hardware solution, DYNAMIC POS, to run under both Windows and Android. It was a spotlight at Embedded world show in Germany and in Retail Tech in Japan. Many of the procurement officers from well-known IT companies were impressed by this product.

Poslab has tried to meet the demands of the current market place by offering unique styles, high performance, increased reliability and affordable pricing. The DesirePOS, Dynamic POS, ECO POS are the new models taking Poslab into the next generation, whilst older models such as the Wave Range are still available for the traditionalist.

Poslab is interested in working with partners to implement the Android / Arm based solutions and can work closely with any developer looking to utilise this product range within their organisation or sales portfolio. 

With Head Quarters in Taiwan and representatives world-wide. Poslab is now a recognised Point of Sale brand with ever increasing presence in the Global Retail and Hospitality Markets.

To request more information on any of our products, please use the contact us Page or send an email to sales@poslab.co.uk.